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Known Bugs and Updates[9/14/13]Sep 7, 2013

Dear All,

We want to you to know, for those that are experiencing bugs we are working hard to fix them. We would also like to thank those who are working hard to give us these bugs. As of now the situation is as follows:

1. Log In issues – Feedback from the developers point to player issues. We are requesting those that still have problems to trying pinging their servers and sending us the results by
2. Loyal Player Packs – Will be ready with the next server reset on Monday.
3. Blessedness not resetting –Fixed and blessedness has been restored for those who filled out the form. If your having an issue make sure you have used all items in bag and in mail, then contact customer service at
4. The prices in the event not showing – Fixed
5. Some Events not working – Fixed
6. Facebook Quest – Fixed
7. Unable to download or complete client quest - Fixed
8. Gold Withdrawal - Working on this, for now just divide by 4 and you should get the right amount of gold.


If you find any other bugs please let us know on the bug section of the forums:


The Mythic Saga Team