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Player Hack Claims & Account SecurityAug 21, 2013

Player Hack Claims & Account Security


Dear Players,


Recently we have had an increase of players claiming they were hacked. In fact we find the majority of these claims are not because of hacks but players own negligence, including:


1.      Giving your account info to friends or others to play.

2.      Attempting to sell an account.

3.      Using a ‘Mythic Saga Hack’ or ‘Gold Hack’

4.      Having a virus on their own computer.


In the majority of cases we are able to return your character to you, however your items are a different issues. First of all it takes days of work to get items back to you and even then we might not be able to do it. First our servers do not make back-ups of everything and if your items were backed up then the backup might be from AFTER you lost your items.


This is just a warning to all players that avoiding these issues is the best way to insure nothing happens to your character. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact support (


The Mythic Saga Team